Take your hog roaster to the next level with this exciting accessory from Hog Roast Machine London. We are thrilled to present our BBQ kit for use with our Platinum complete hog roaster. This versatile accessory makes it possible to recreate those delicious flavours of summer, all year round. It can completely transform your hog roast machine whether you own one or are just hiring.

The BBQ set is created to fit perfectly on top of the Platinum hog roasting upper level. It uses thermostatic gas taps to control your cooking temperature on the grill plate and cook your meats to perfection each and every time. Cook all your BBQ favourites from sausages and kebabs to chicken wings and whole fish. To make the most of the full cooking level of the Platinum machine the doors usually used for cooking must be removed whilst the BBQ set is in use. These can be hung on the side.

In the lower cooking area of the Platinum machine this BBQ set can be used to keep other barbeque fare warm, such as vegetables and jacket potatoes.

Ready to enjoy the best Barbie results you’ve ever produced? Give us a call to find out more about this BBQ set today.